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Wild Hog and the Madison Folk Music Society

Presents a Live Streamed Concert with

Robert Jones and Matt Watroba

Friday, March 12, 2021 at 7:30pm CT

Replay of the concert will be available by Sunday evening (or maybe sooner)

Ever since meeting over thirty years ago, Jones and Watroba have been musical partners. Their relationship started when they hosted back-to-back radio shows at WDET-FM in Detroit. Later on, they started performing together and in doing so, they discovered a friendship based on mutual respect and a love for traditional American music. They have traveled the nation, extolling the virtues of "Music That Matters".

For Matt and Robert, American Roots Music (Folk, Blues, Spirituals, Work Songs, Chants, etc.) is music that matters. This is the music that America and the world have in common. It is music that reflects history, social change, migration, hopes and dreams. It is music that is rich and diverse, direct and powerful. As talented as they are individually, singing and playing guitar, banjo and fiddle, together they form a synergy that is hard to describe. They formed a non-profit called Common Chords to connect communities through music and the arts.

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This concert is a benefit for the Wil-Mar Center. Show your enthusiasm for the performers and our efforts to bring folk music to you during Covid. Please tip generously to support the Wil-Mar Center's services during these trying times.

Wil-Mar is the neighborhood center where the Coffeehouse rents during normal times. Wil-Mar continues to run it's social services and food bank, while losing income from the cancelled festivals that make up half of their annual budget. In support of keeping Wil-Mar in business serving those that depend on these services, the Coffeehouse is continuing to pay our rent. So please donate generously to help us support Wil-Mar so they will be here when the pandemic comes to an end. Both Wil-Mar and the Coffeehouse are 501(c)3 charities.

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This could distort the audio for some or all songs. Listen using your earbuds or stereo headset for best stereo sound.




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