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Primary Business Contacts

Mailing Address:

The Wild Hog in the Woods
953 Jenifer Street
Madison, WI 53703

Phone Numbers:


info@wildhoginthewoods.org. This address includes schedulers, concert coordinators, newsletter editor, sound operations coordinator, treasurer, High Hog, and webmaster.

Coordinating Committee:

  1. High Hog (Honorary): vacant
  2. Treasurer/Vice President: Tom Gross
  3. Secretary: Kim Genich, Wil-Mar liason, publicity coordinator
  4. Lisa Johnson, front of house
  5. Ben Doran, front of house, supplies, food
  6. Ron Dennis, sound system, videographer, photographer
  7. Jamie Poindexter, volunteer scheduler, membership coordinator, webmaster, sound system, streaming
  8. Joe Loesch, sound system, newsletter editor
  9. Stephen Rich, Performer Scheduler



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