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All About the Wild Hog

The Wild Hog in the Woods, Inc., was founded in 1978 by local folk musicians and folk lovers. After a fundraising barn dance that summer, the Coffeehouse opened for the first time on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1 (although the poster said November 31st). The organization is based on cooperative principals and is incorporated as a not for profit organization. The Hog is operated by its members, with everyone volunteering their time, skills and talents.

Join the Hog

Become a member and join in on the fun, good music and friendships.


Phone numbers and email addresses for Board of Directors, Coordinators and Specific Member Duties, including who folk performers cal to schedule a gig with the pig.

Events Calendar

Visit the calendar to find out who is performing at the Hog! The calendar is hosted by EventGalore.net.

Our Home Location

Our home base is at the Wil-Mar (Williamson-Marquette) Neighborhood Center, located at 504 South Brearly St. in Madison. Directions, map and bus routes to the Wil-Mar.

Our Mission

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Pig Pen History

Founded in 1978, read all about the Hog, how and why it started and where it's been for over 30 years. Read more by clicking on the link.

Also see us at:

Phill-up's Past Birthdays

Each year we celebrate the founding of the Wild Hog by throwing a birthday party for Phill-up the Pig.



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