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Leafy Greens

Lisa Johnson and Ben Doran

Live Streamed Event for April 10, 2020, 7:30pm

Lisa Johnson and Ben Doran are an acoustic music and vocal duo who present traditional, Celtic, and original songs and tunes from a variety of cultures, themes and settings. Both are from Madison.

Ben plays hammered dulcimer and Lisa plays acoustic guitar and other instruments. Each sings beautifully, whether leading or harmonizing and each can play melodies or chordal accompaniment on their respective instruments.

Both are long time members of the Wild Hog where we have watched them develop as songwriters and musicians. We welcome them to our first LIVE virtual concert from Lisa's living room. Watch for an occasional harmony from her cats.

The Coffeehouse remains closed. This concert is online only.

You might want to:

  1. During the live concert, send a text message to Ben and Lisa in YouTube's chat window, click here.
  2. After the live concert, visit Leafy Greens' web site at leafygreensmusic.com and their Facebook page.

If viewing on a iPhone or Android phone and the audio is distorted, listen using your earbuds or stereo headset.
Phones must mix the stereo to mono for the loudspeaker and can distort the audio in doing so.


Thank you for watching.

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