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Receiving Announcements:

Prevent announcement emails from going to your spam folder

We still have several folks not receiving emails or they find them in their SPAM or JUNK folder. This likely means the resident's email provider (such as Charter, TDS, Yahoo, gmail) or the resident's email client is blocking our email address or IP address or marking our email as spam.

If you find announcements in your SPAM or JUNK folder or are not receiving Announcements at all:

  1. To unblock Announcements on your email client (mail app), add info@wildhoginthewoods.org to your address book and/or contacts list on every device where you receive emails (computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone). This tells each device and email client that you want emails from Announcements and from Ellen.
  2. You may need to also "whitelist" our sending address info@wildhoginthewoods.org with your email provider. Do this by selecting the link or instructions below for your email provider:
    • Charter/Spectrum
    • TDS
    • Gmail:
      1. Go to Gmail.com and log into your account.
      2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner.
      3. Click ‘See all settings.’
      4. Click on the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab at the top.
      5. In the ‘Safe Senders’ section, click ‘Create a new filter.’
      6. Enter the email address info@wildhoginthewoods.org
      7. Click ‘Create Filter.’
    • Yahoo:
      1. Open Yahoo Mail and log into your account.
      2. Navigate to “Settings” then click “More Settings.”
      3. Select “Filters” and hit “Add” to enter info@wildhoginthewoods.org
      4. Name the filter and add the email address.
      5. Select to send all mail to “Inbox.”
      6. Save your settings.
    • Outlook:
      1. Click the gear icon in Outlook and select "View all Outlook settings."
      2. Select "Mail" from the settings menu.
      3. Choose "Junk email" from the submenu.
      4. Click "Add" under "Safe senders and domains."
      5. Enter the email address info@wildhoginthewoods.org
      6. Choose "Save."
    • AOL:
      1. Click on the "Spam Controls" link on the lower right side of your inbox screen.
      2. A "Mail and Spam Controls" box will appear.
      3. Now click on the "Customer Sender" list link and choose the "Allow email from info@wildhoginthewoods.org option.
      4. Enter info@wildhoginthewoods.org, then click "add" and "save."


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