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Phillup the Pig's Virtual Concerts

Due to COVID-19, the Coffeehouse's physical space continues to be closed in support of social distancing. We are bringing you a live or prerecorded concert each Friday during this new way of life as we continue to support folk music in our community.

Concert Announcements:

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Phillup the Pig's Donation System:

The Hog is a volunteer operated cooperative. Musicians also volunteer their talents. At the physical Coffeehouse, we have Phillup the Pig, a "pass the hat" ceramic piggy bank for collecting donations that go to the musicians. A Donate button appears on the virtual concert page.

We have setup a "virtual" Phillup the Pig using PayPal. Performers will decide if they want to receive the donations to Phillup, give it to a not for profit organization or cause, or donate to the Wild Hog in the Woods. The Hog is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (PayPal does charge us a small fee, so consider this when deciding how much to donate. For example, if you donate $10, PayPal keeps 55¢ and the Hog gets $9.45.)

You can donate to the Wild Hog anytime by touching or clicking here.

Playback Recent (2020) Virtual Concerts:

June 21 Wild Hog Sampler Volume 1 (a two-hour compilation of performerss presented as part of Make Music Madison, Father's Day and Midsummer Solstice)

May22: Dave Schindele

May 15: Stephen Lee Rich and Friends

May 8: John Duggleby and Friends

May 1: Kelly Bleich

April 24: Pat Gaughn

April 17: Ken Lonnguist

April 10: Leafy Greens (Ben Doran and Lisa Johnson) live concert from Lisa's living room.

April 3: Songwriters in the Round. Watch a replay from a concert recorded at the Wild Hog on April 5, 2019 with Rich Baumann, Ali Jackson and John Duggleby. The link will be active after 7pm Friday.

March 27: KG and The Ranger: Watch a replay of their concert from March 15, 2019. This was their 30th anniversary of performing western music together. By the miracle of the Internet, you will be able to watch the replay of their concert this evening.

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