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When the Wild Hog was being founded in 1978, there were few folk dances in the area. The coffehouse raised startup money by hosting a couple of traditional barn dances. Today the Hog rarely holds a dance, as there are now so many other dances in the area 30 years later. Here are some links that will help you find them. Be sure to check the calendar each week in Isthmus, too.

Folkball 2009 (January 23-25, 2009, Madison's 21st annual celebration of dance and camaraderie)

Madison Folkdance Unlimited   (International dancing - mostly south and eastern European)

Madison Contra Dance Schedule

Madison Scandinavian Dance Schedule

Madison English Country Dance Society

Madison Scottish Country Dancers

With all of these dance types - if you can walk, you can dance, no partner necessary.

Madison Online also has search engine for events that might be of interest.




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